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About us

NextGen Components, Inc. is a general line

Electronics Components Representative/Distributor

that began business in 2017  in Irvine, USA.


We offer equivalents for most competitors devices.

If you are an OEM or our authorized Distributor, 

please note you may be eligible for deeper discounts.

If you do not find the desired competitive product

type, please contact our Sales Repfor recent 

additions to this list.


Due to variations from manufacturer to 

manufacturer a detailed  comparison between

data sheets is necessary before selecting a

particular product as an exact replacement. 


Main products including   

Crystal & Oscillator

Filter, Resonator & Discriminator


Tactile Switches



Our quality assurance process includes 100% testing

during each stage of the manufacturing process 

guaranteeing our all products meet the published



Also, all manufacturing facilities are ISO9001,

ISO14001 and TS16949 certificate system. 

We represent manufacturers with products that

are ideally suited for selling. We take pride in our

effort and professionalism.   



NextGen Components, Inc.

13700 Alton Parkway, Suite 154,
Irvine,CA92618, USA
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